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About uploading from browser
    How to upload a file to the server
  1. Click on the «Select» button or use «Drag&Drop» function and choose file from your computer
  2. Click the "Upload" button
  3. Copy the link for downloading your file and give it to your friends

If you are an unregistered (free) user, files you upload will be stored 7 days only, and you cannot upload more than 200 MB. Unregistered users can upload one file at a time.

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  • Upload your files in one click From your computer, mobile phone and even another site.
  • Transfer of files up to 100 Gb in size
  • The total size and number of your files are unlimited
  • Storage period is 45 days from last download for registered users and 90 days for premium users.
  • Premium access enables unlimited download speed.
  • File download starts from the closest to you server.